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California Dental Association

The California Dental Association is the largest dental association in the United States with nearly 25,000 members representing about seventy two percent of the dentists practicing in the state of California.  It was founded in 1870.

The Association’s goal is to represent dentist serving the State of California.  They ask their members to be responsible to  society and to fellow members of their profession and to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical matter.  If you have problems with your dentist, the California Dental Association provide a vehicle to voice your concerns.

Business & Professions Code Section 1750

Business & Processions Code Section 1750 pertains to the requirements of unlicensed dental assistants.  The section specifically states:

Section 1750.  (a) A dental assistant is an individual who, without a license, may perform basic supportive dental procedures, as authorized by Section 1750.1 and by regulations adopted by the board, under the supervision of a licensed dentist. “Basic supportive dental procedures” are those procedures that have technically elementary characteristics, are completely reversible, and are unlikely to precipitate potentially hazardous conditions for the patient being treated.
(b) The supervising licensed dentist shall be responsible for determining the competency of the dental assistant to perform the basic supportive dental procedures, as authorized by Section 1750.1.
(c) The employer of a dental assistant shall be responsible for ensuring that the dental assistant who has been in continuous employment for 120 days or more, has already successfully completed, or successfully completes, all of the following within a year of the date of employment:
(1) A board-approved course in the Dental Practice Act.
(2) A board-approved 8 hour course in infection control.
(3) A course in basic life support offered by an instructor approved by the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association, or any other course approved by the board as equivalent and that provides the student the opportunity to engage in hands-on simulated clinical scenarios.
(d) The employer of a dental assistant shall be responsible for ensuring that the dental assistant maintains certification in basic life support.
(e) This section shall become operative on January 1, 2010.

Dental Board of California

No matter which dental insurance company you use or who ever you go to see to get your teeth worked on, you need to make sure your dentist is properly licensed.  For citizens in the state of California, this task is made easy.  You can go to the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Dental Board of California and enter the dentist’s license number or name to verify if they are properly license.




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