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Dental Patient’s Bill of Rights

According to the California Dental Associations, we have rights as patients.  They have put together what is called the Dental Patient’s Bill of Rights.  The Bill of Rights states,

You have a right to schedule an appointment with your dentist in a timely manner.

You have a right to see the dentist every time you receive dental treatment.

You have a right to know in advance the type and expected cost of treatment.

You have a right to expect dental team members to use appropriate infection and sterilization controls.

You have a right to ask about treatment alternatives and be told, in language you can understand, the advantages and disadvantages of each.

You have a right to ask your dentist to explain all the treatment options regardless of coverage or cost.

You have a right to know the education and training of your dentist and the dental team.

You have a right to know the professional rules, laws and ethics that apply to your dentist and the dental team.

You have a right to choose your own dentist.

Kindergarten oral health

In 2005, the California legislature passed AB 1433, which is a kindergarten dental check up requirement.  The California Department of Education has allocated funding to support the implementation of this law.  With the assistance of the California Dental Association, free access to kindergarten has been offered to ensure that children with dental needs are provided with the basic care.  Cause studies have established that children with pain are unable to concentrate and learn in school.

The legislation requires that children have a dental check up by May 31 of their first year in public school at kindergarten or first grade.  Those who have had dental exams within 12 months of the school entry date are considered in compliance with the law.  The ultimate goal of the program is to establish regular dental care for every child.  The program will also identify which children need further examination and figure out what obstacles preventing them for further care.

Gum Disease

Gum disease (aka Periodontal or Gingival disease) is what harms the gums and bones that hold our teeth in place.  When plaque stays on your teeth for too long, tartar forms.  Tartar can’t be remove by you and I.  You can remove it with flossing and brushing regularly.  Only a dentist can remove it.  Tartar removal is covered under all California Dental Insurance Plans. If left untreated it can lead to gingivitis, a red swollen gum that bleeds easily which allows the teeth to pulling away from the teeth forming pockets that become infected.  If not treated, the infection can ruin the bones, gums and tissue that support your teeth.  You know what happens next right?  In time the teeth loosen requiring you to visit a dental office to get them removed.  The best way to avoid this is to visit a dentist regularly.  If you belong to a dental insurance plan the cost will be significantly less.

Types of dental plans

California dental insurance plans are classified either as Managed-care or Indemnity plans. Indemnity dental plans offers a wider selection of providers, as compared to Managed Care. In the Indemnity plan, a company makes payment for covered service rendered as the received the relevant bills. It is essential for you to initially foot the bill or pay at the beginning. You will get the reimbursement from the insurance company later on.

Managed-care plan is one that is run through dental caregiver networks. California dentists who participate in the network. The dentists in the network consent to provide service to patients at company agreed rates, and submit claims to the company on your behalf. This boils down to lesser paper work and low self paid expenses for you, the insured. The California dental insurance comapny will then pay directly to the dentist.

Wisdom teeth removal cost !!

Wisdom teeth removal can range in price from $130 to $450 per tooth. This cost range does not include fees associated with sedation, X-rays, possible oral surgery necessities, or the proximity of the wisdom tooth to surrounding teeth and nerves. Extraction costs for impacted wisdom teeth are significantly higher than for erupted wisdom teeth. Any kind of Dental work is usually awfully expensive. California has several different kind of free programs that provide free dental care.

Reasons to visit your local California Dentist.

Best reason to visit your local California Dentist. Gum disease is one of the leading causes of adult tooth loss. If not diagnosed in its early stages (gingivitis), it can be treated and reversed. If treatment is not received, a more serious and advanced stage of gum disease called periodontitis may follow. Regular visits to the dentist for check ups and dental cleanings, flossing daily and brushing twice a day are key factors in preventing gum disease. California has the best desist around the United States.

Smoking and your teeth !!

Most of us know that smoking is bad for our health, but did you know that smoking is also a major contributor to many dental problems? Like, oral cancer of the mouth, pharynx, larynx and esophagus. Smoking causes 75 % of all oral cancer.  The type of tobacco product used will dictate where the oral cancer will be located. Cigarettes aren’t the only products only to blame. All forms of tobacco, including cigars, smokeless tobacco and hookah water pipes, pose dental health concerns.Also Tobacco use reduces the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to gingival tissue. Visit your local Southern California Dentistry for your dental care.

Mobile Clinic

The USC Oral Health Center provides a mobile dental clinic that is staff by USC Students and faculty.  The Mobile dental clinic visit fourteen sites each year and provides comprehensive care to children in urban and rural low income families in California.  The mobile clinic also provide valuable educational material about preventive care and how to avoid cavities.  The clinic also provides oral examination to all second graders in schools surrounding the university.

Cosmetic dentistry

Being in California, a lot of people worry about how their teeth look and seeking out dentists and insurance plans that will enable them to have a nice white smile.  Cosmetic dentistry refers to a dentist that renders services that helps makes a person look better.  The services that he performs does not necessarily improve their client’s teeth functionality in any way.  A good example of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening.  Most of things that help make one’s smile look better is not necessarily covered by one’s dental insurance plan.  So you will need to contact your insurance company to see what they do cover and what they don’t cover.  You will also need to see if the desired procedure gets an discounts as well.