Benefits of non-fluoride toothpaste

Too much fluoride can be bad for your health.  According to several research fluoride can cause harm to your health and cause teeth discoloration. The toxicity of fluoride, especially sodium fluoride that’s added to water could be incredibly toxic. As a result, many companies have developed non fluoride toothpaste.

You can buy these organic non-fluoride toothpaste at most organic stores and online.  I was able to find mine at Whole Foods.

For many, not using fluoride resulted in making their teeth more healthy.  Here are some of the benefits of switching from fluoride to non fluoride toothpaste.

  1. It is more healthy because it contains organic or herbal ingredients.
  2. It doesn’t contain toxic ingredients that can cause cancer.
  3. It is much cheaper.
  4. And you can have lots of choices when it comes to brand.


The most popular brands are Tom’s of Maine Natural Antiplaque, Nature’s Gate Herbal Creme de Anise Natural and XyliWhite. There are many others as well.