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Delta Dental Insurance Company

The Delta Dental Insurance Company is actually an association of 39 independent dental insurance companies operating in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

The Delta Dental Insurance Company association covers over 50 million people who are enrolled in over 88,000 groups. Most Delta Dental Insurance Companies are not for profit. Some do have for profit dental insurance entities.

The roots of Delta Dental Insurance Company go back to the early 1950’s when regional plans such as the Washington Dental Service started offering group dental insurance plans to local labor organizations.

With the success of Washington Dental Service sister dental associations were formed in Oregon and California. In 1966 the Delta Dental Association was formed under that is very similar to Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Delta Dental Plan Association manages the Delta Dental brand, helps organize meetings, ties all the member companies together and allows them to price claims in other states.

The actual Delta Dental Insurance Company provides coverage to residents of Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Texas, and Utah. Delta Dental Insurance Company is also affiliated with Delta Dental of California and the District of Columbia. They have the largest geographic footprint of the Delta Dental Association of companies.