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Dental Plans In Calfiornia

Today we are going to take a look at the dental insurance plans in California.

California has over a one hundred different dental insurance providers. Every national dental insurance company has a presence in the state. Small regional and statewide carriers also make in impact in the marketplace with specially designed dental insurance plans that are available in California.

Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and Delta Dental are the major dental insurance plans in California. Those three carriers have a major chunk of the states dental insurance business. The reason for that is probably name recognition because those three names are the most trusted in health and dental insurance.

Western Dental is a good example of a smaller ancillary carrier, who is designing and administering dental insurance plans in California. Western Dental is one of California’s oldest DHMO’s. Western Dental has over 200 dental offices in California and Arizona in addition to 1700 DHMO network dentists. As a DHMO Western Dental’s goal is to provide access to quality dental care at affordable rates.

Covered California announced its selection of pediatric Dental insurance plans in California. The new plans ensure that California children up to 19 years old will get expanded opportunities for better dental health.

The six selected companies participating in the programs are, Anthem Dental, Blue Shield of California, Delta Dental of California, Health Net Dental, LIBERTY Dental Plan and Premier Access Dental. The products include stand-alone plans, and all can be bundled with health insurance for a single premium.